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iPhone is Disabled

4 Simple Solutions for the ‘iPhone is Disabled’ Issue

If your toddler has disabled your iPhone by putting the wrong passcode too may time also don’t worry. We're then to help you with that. In this companion, we will tell you 4 ways through which you can enable your disabled iPhone....

Unblocking Numbers

Unblocking Numbers on Android & iPhone

We all have been to a point where you want to block a phone number so it wouldn’t bother you again. still, there's a common mistake which every one of us commits while blocking a number. That is, blocking the wrong number by mistake....

set Live Wallpapers on Android

How to Apply Live Wallpapers on Your Android Home Screen

Live Wallpapers are one of the most distinctive features of Android phones. Since this features vacuity we've seen really stunning wallpapers handed by the mobile manufacturers and also the community has created hundreds and...

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